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그랜드 플라자 | Grand Plaza

Grand Plaza

A collaboration between renowned landscape designer Martha Swartz and water feature specialists WET Designs, the Grand Plaza is a 3,000m² social and cultural space for local Jeju residents and the general public to enjoy. Spectacular six-foot fountains with changing lights are inspired by Jeju's volcanic craters. Enjoy the daily podium light show and water jet displays along with the interactive media façade in the background.

09:00-23:00 (10 minutes every hour)
19:00-22:00 (10 minutes every hour)


Plan a leisurely trip and take a break at the multi-functional public space. The Grand Plaza is designed to replicate Jeju's natural beauty and culture.

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Fountain Show

The light and fountain show is held at the beautiful sculptures in the shape of volcanic craters in Jeju Island. The 5.5m tall fountain is pieced together with golden mosaic tiles to imitate bubbling golden lava.

  • 09:00-23:00 daily
  • 10 minutes every hour on the hour
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Media Façade Show

Enjoy the colorful LED light show emanating from the largest public podium in Korea. Inspired by the island's volcanic craters and golden lava, these shifting lights and colors at the Grand Plaza is designed to represent the beauty of Jeju island. Witness the daily light and water jet show every hour on the hour as you enjoy the cool Jeju breeze.

  • Daily 19:00-22:00
  • 10 minutes every hour on the hour