1. Hyatt Promotion
    China House

    New dim sum menu launched

    China House Dim Sum New Menu Released

  2. Hyatt Promotion

    Modern Japanese Dining & Bar

    Enjoy izakaya, sushi and teppanyaki presented by star chef Kojima

  3. Hyatt Promotion
    Cafe 8 & Terrace

    New Poolside Menu

    Taste Cafe 8's new snack menu specially prepared by our world-class chef Mario

  4. Hyatt Promotion

    Launched! New Anju Platter

    Enjoy a special assortment of snacks with the best views of Jeju

  5. Hyatt Promotion
    China House

    New on the Menu: Lobster Cooked 10 Ways

    China House Lobster Cooked 10 Ways

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