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고급 중식 랍스터 요리 10선
New on the Menu: Lobster Cooked 10 Ways

China House Lobster Cooked 10 Ways

L3 - China House

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고급 중식 랍스터 요리 10선

Enjoy 10 different ways of fresh Boston lobsters at China House this Spring
Savor Chef Vincent's creations of this seafood delicacy. From wok-fry, baked, dim sum to sauteed in
fragrant homemade chili sauce to showcase its sweet and delicate umami flavors
Rich in protein and low in fats, this crustacean is a healthy option and the perfect seafood to be
enjoyed on that special occasion or even just a simple gathering with family and friends

빈센트 웡 셰프

Chef Vincent's recommendation

Baked lobster with butter and cheese Served with pan-fried egg noodles KRW108,000
Sautéed lobster with chili sauce Served with deep-fried bun KRW108,000
Wok-fried lobster with assorted vegetables, Sichuan pepper, hot chili sauce KRW108,000
Steamed lobster KRW108,000


+82 64-907-1234

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